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Smart Stick

The Smart Stick monitor’s walking patterns and gives a vibratory cue felt in the handle. The vibratory rhythm is there to concentrate on and prompt you to step forward coming out of the freezing episode. Suitable for all those seeking minor walking support. 


See how to use

Using the Smart Stick

  1. Pick the stick up and start walking with it. A red light will flash on every step to show the stick is in use,

  2. The Smart Stick will tune itself to your normal walking pattern, this will take about 15 steps and once calibrated it will remember your pattern.

  3. The stick will go to sleep if not used for more than 15 seconds (no light).

  4. Next time you walk with the stick it will switch on automatically and have your last walking memory.


The Cue 

  1. When you are experiencing festination/freezing/shaking steps, lean on the stick and push it down. A vibration rhythm will be generated in the handle (with the light flickering)  and this will be felt by your hand. This is a cue/prompt reminding you to take a step forward and come out of the freezing episode. 

  2. The vibration will go off as soon as you release the downward pressure and start walking again.



  1. When you use the stick and the red light keeps flashing it indicates a low battery level.

  2. Put the stick on charge as soon as practical. The light will do. a gradual pulse, indicating charging mode.

  3. Let it charge overnight, once fully charged the red light will become still.

  4. We recommend that you charge your stick once a week. 

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